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Why he is distant after hooking up ?


You guys hit it on instantly: fun dates, hours on the phone knowing more about each other, and lots of laughter together. Then, on a beautiful day, he just stops calling. Days go by, weeks go by, without any miserable “good morning” message. And you can’t even imagine what might have happened.

These are not rare cases, this happens hundreds of times every day. Don’t ask too much , here are some reasons why he is distant and a number of things you can do to make you feel more comfortable with this situation. Nobody wants to participate in love games or be rejected, but it is possible to avoid some habits and start to give less importance to a person who is not in the same tune as you. Check it out.

Turn on or repeatedly send messages

Everyone has enough common sense to identify when a person wants to talk to you or not. Once you know that he is well, healthy and not in danger, there is no reason to keep calling repeatedly, especially if he is not responding. If this is going to help, try to keep a distance from your mobile phone.

Waiting for a call

There is a world out there to be explored, even full of other men better than this one. Don’t waste your precious time waiting for days for a single connection. If this man is not giving you any feedback, there is no reason to wait for him.

Keep asking yourself, “Why doesn’t he call?”

There are a million possible reasons why this man stopped calling you. But as tempting as it is, don’t waste time trying to find reasons. If one day he comes looking for you again, you can ask him what happened but, for now, fill your brain with more productive things.


  1. Snooping into his social networks.

While waiting for his call, your instincts will push you to check his social media, twitter, facebook, instagram etc…. It makes sense to want to snoop around his life, but what can you discover? That he found someone or that he was already in a relationship? Imagine the amount of feelings such as anger, resentment, and hurt, that you will gain when you find out his news!


Ask friends or family members what his “whereabouts” is.

If you have been introduced to family members or friends, you will probably think of them during this period of the boy’s absence. Probing for information about him may seem like a harmless attitude, but again, it will not bring anything good.

Leave rude messages

It’s really frustrating not to have any feedback from someone who seemed so close. But no matter how much anger, leaving a message full of rudeness may momentarily alleviate, but it will certainly bring repentance.

  1. Keep asking “what’s wrong?”

If you have to ask a man more than twice “what’s your problem,” this can be a warning sign. It may be that he’s playing a game that you don’t have time to play, so step aside and move on.


Be pouting

You really liked him and were actually hurt. That happens. But remember previous disappointments – if you’ve overcome others, don’t waste any more time with a man who’s proven to be fickle. There are thousands of other men who can recognize how special you are.

Make excuses about why he hasn’t called

“He’s been busy”; “He’s going through some trouble.” These are some excuses we usually make up to justify the fact that someone has abandoned us. But think about it: would he really be too busy not to have time to send a message? A really interested man makes a point of making that clear.

Answer promptly when he finally calls

They always come back. When he finally calls you, don’t be so quick to dive into the relationship head-on. Ask yourself, first of all, “Does this man, who’s been gone for weeks, deserve my time?”. Remember that you are not a doll that he can pick up, play with, and leave aside. Keep this in mind when the phone vibrates.


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