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Topics :
Love & Relationships Deceased Loved Ones Past Lives
Tools :
Tarot Numerology
Abilities :
Clairvoyant Medium Clairsentient
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Ivan invites you to relax, knowing that he will provide the answers you’re seeking. He gauges your emotional state from the tone of your voice and picks up on what’s on your mind. A clairvoyant reader, he often employs Tarot or numerology to assist him. Ivan is an empathetic and compassionate reader, but at the same time, he’s objective. One of the best things about reading with Psychic Ivan is that he can relate to anyone, on any level, and in any context. That means that the guidance and solutions he provides are unique to you. A professional reader for over 25 years, he provides down-to-earth explanations and analysis of the issues coming up in your life. When life gets complicated, don’t you want to read with a psychic who can make the complicated, clear? “Nobody calls a psychic if their life is going exactly the way they want it, and they feel great. I believe it is my mission to help a client not only understand the situation they're calling about, but also feel good about that understanding.” - Psychic Ivan

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