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How does astrology detect cheaters?

Most couples have the challenge to save and keep their relationship last longer but the fear of a third-party interfering is always there. When it comes to Infidelity and cheating, I would like to point out here that it is a personal act, or react.  Today we will shed light to Astrology and how it can help detect a cheater through his/her natal chart.

Moon and Venus:

To detect Infidelity, I always consider the males’ Moon, Venus, Mars and Neptune, with all celestial changes on the 7th house (also the 5th house and 8th are playing an important role) in natal chart.

Both Moon and Venus have feminine aspects; Moon represents the mainstream of emotions while Venus is about receiving feelings and love. If they are positioned in hard aspect to each other (opposing each other in a lesser degree) in male’s chart, then he will have serious problem to find balance between emotional and sexual needs. He will then have the urge to find a second partner.

Neptune and Venus:

2.8 billion miles away from the sun, we will need a telescope just to get a glimpse of Neptune. No doubts, why it governs the invisible aspects of the personality and the subconscious mind; dreams, fantasies, illusion…

Neptune leads to dreaming about having the ideal partner rather than dealing with current obstacle and solving issues. Under the influence of Neptune in hard aspects of Venus, a man will choose to leave the relationship rather than deal with current one.

Venus in Pisces:

Like Neptune-Venus hard aspect, People with Venus in Pisces have tendencies to cheat but this time they will deny and hide things from you. It is hard for them to live with guilt and they will push you away for someone else as they are leaving.

7th house:

This is known as the house of partnerships, marriage and relationships, so if we have Neptune (the planet of illusion), or Uranus (planet of Freedom) there could be difficulties when it comes to committed, and long-term relationships.

Neptune gives fantasies and unrealistic expectations, once a native see that expectations will be hard to be me; he will simply leave the relationship since it becomes too hard to work on.

With Uranus in the 7th house, the situation is quite different. Uranus needs pleasure, excitement, and feeling of freedom and desire of trying something new even if it is outside the relationship.

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